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Wind and Hail Insurance

Wind and hail are often components of springtime storms. No matter where you live, your home is susceptible to wind and hail storms, but of course there are certain states that experience them more frequently. In a matter of minutes, hail can damage a roof, shatter windows and pummel landscaping. It doesn’t take long to incur thousands of dollars in damage from one quick hail storm. Wind storms can cause just as much damage, if not more. Protecting your home with proper insurance is very important, especially if you live in an area that typically sees frequent wind and hail storms.

With all home insurance policies there will be a deductible when claims are filed, but some insurance companies have implemented a “wind and hail” deductible as well. In the event of a wind or hail storm, you may be liable to pay a deductible before repairs will be made. Any “named” wind storm or hurricane will also fall under this deductible category.

These deductibles are a way of cutting down costs for insurance companies. Check your policy and make sure of the deductibles for which you will be responsible in the event of a wind or hail storm. Your insurance company is required to notify you of any changes they have made to your policy, but it is always a good idea to be knowledgeable of the details of your policy.

If you live in an area where frequent storms occur, it would be wise to save money for these deductibles so you won’t be forced into financial distress if you do need to make a claim. As always, consult your insurance agent with questions regarding your policy. You don’t want to be caught off guard by the unknown during a crisis situation.

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